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Hemp and Medicine

Hemp has been used as a drug or medication across the world since thousands of years. Today numbers of patients suffering notably of cancer or AIDS, of multiple sclerosis, of epilepsy, and other diseases prove that smoking hemp helps the patients a lot . However, the therapeutic usage of hemp is still forbidden by the law on drugs and other substances and those that use hemp risk 6 months in jail and a 1’000 $ fine for doing so. To change this unacceptable situation, the deputee of Rosemont, Mr. Bernard Bigras have deposited a parlamentary motion in favour of legalizing the medical usage of hemp. It is a question of compassion towards ills people that suffer nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, and other significant sufferance and other disturbances that accompany these chronic deseases.

The IACM bulletin is the newsletter of the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine. It is distributed by mail on a bi-weekly base. You can read the current issues here at the IACM website.

Le Chanvre et la médecine

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