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Is there any justice in Switzerland?

My first reaction to the news that André Fürst, owner of the Chanvre Info, was sentenced to prison, was a mere astonishment. No wonder, knowing the man personally and having a great respect for his work, for his idealism of the man who would wish to make this world a better place to live. Where it would be possible to treat illnesses with natural preparations without harmful secondary effects, where current products that we are using everyday would be produced without harming our environment, which is already in a rather bad condition. The world, where young people wouldn’t fall under the spell of hard drugs still before their lives actually begin.

Maybe I had too many illusions on the Swiss justice, as I have been considering (same as most of the people in my country) Switzerland as a country, which could be taken in example of democracy and of rational drug policy to follow by other countries. Now I am really confused about it, because the unconditional sentence of 29 months of prison seems to me to be totally absurd and absolutely unacceptable. What kind of justice is this, persecuting a man like him? And what for? And in order to profit whom?

Nevertheless, I still keep hoping, that it was just some kind of a judiciary error that will be at the end redressed by an appeal court. It would be really necessary, otherwise in the eyes of many people Switzerland will join the same side as the United States, which life style and brutality in addressing of social issues is poisoning our European culture just like some kind of a pest, worse than the chicken flu.

Bushka Bryndova, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Als ich von der Verurteilung André Fürst's von Hanf-Info hörte , war ich sprachlos. Ich kenne und respektiere André als einen Menschen, der unermüdlich daran arbeitet, die Lebensbedingungen auf der Welt zu verbessern und das Umweltbewusstsein zu fördern.
published Monday 5 September 2005 16:41