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News from André Fürst

Gorgier 1.04.2008

Hello, from the prisoner to all Hemplobby

Now I am already the sixth month in the execution of a sentence and I do not become tired to believe in our good plants.
I am especially happy to hear that european activists with a lot of fantasy starts actions. This contains a lot of energies and happiness for me.
The first viennese meeting of the ENCOD against the „War on Drug", is an important sign. Directly at the door of the ban maker. In my cell the news about that meeting reached me over the television.
Even if this time I could not be with you, I am pleased onto a meeting again.
The time here precedes well. In English I read already six books and I also worked on the language-course. It’s only with the computer science I unfortunately precede slowly because the whole PC’s were pulled in for control, I only got back the half material but I can negotiate about with the director. My beginner exercises on the drums did not always fall to all here, but I believe, slowly it sounds already according to music. You don’t have angered, it still takes some time until you must hear a sample of that. At this time I queue particularly onto an own cell then I can learn undisturbed and find the time to meditate.

Juridical witch hunt in Freiburg.
My bank accounts already spaced for years. Then I was arrested on suspicion, later in this way that was been impossible to me come able to pay my obligations. My hemp field was destroyed on the day previewed for the legal harvest, under the pretext that I could manufacture illegal products from that field although the control of the police was promised and I was still in investigation custody. In this way should be prevented secure that I could pay nevertheless with legal products still my bills. A few months later a charge comes of the same examining magistrate because of embezzlement of the social security money (AHV- AVS) I until today not has paid. Logical I was also hindered to pay my bills. The investigations against me ran expanded one corresponding that. At last a concrete charge.
Already with my last judgment, the court had practiced only, due to the turnover by me, and the fact that I written prevention info, judges only this facts as being fulfilled of an offence against the Drug-law. All courts refused to decide about the THC level or analyse.
That the entire courts in my canton had to step into the strike, because of illegal agreements in a similar fall, underlines the arbitrariness of the punishment. This did not hinder also the highest courts to reject all evidence requests for my part at that. It is supposed to be obtained right-bend and not human rights.

There is a war against drugs in our country.
Every year people are robbed of hers freedom in Switzerland, arrested. particularly the young ones, from the police undressed and naked everywhere is had a look, 50’000 are condemned this year by the court (double as many as in the year 2000). Socially degraded, marked with the Jew star of drug users, to many went to prison, treated lockedly as cattle.
A behaviour as in a police state. Today suffices to enjoy plants, put onto the edge of the society, to be condemned, detained, judged, to be banished around.

We are still not wider than the witch delusion is.
The bill, dear taxpayer is repeatedly bitter, however, for you. Only the prosecution cost in the year 2000, 500 million. sFr.! Money that stands not availably to the public social aids. The execution of sentence surely still costs twice as much and supports the criminal training. The caught fathers and husbands can not pay anymore for hers families, the society impoverished the social security offices paid. The war against drugs created this lucrative market to the underworld, billions tax free, for the economics of the criminality with annual growth rates of those ones legal businesses only dreams. The prohibition is useful to the traders, forms the basis for the black market and facilitates a shameless exploitation of consuming. Through that swing the morality club, the streets are made unsure and spear is spreading under the citizen reacts. The vision of a society without Illegal Drugs a Totalitarian Regime can not obtain and when, then only through the control of the market as at the alcohol.
In the parliament our citizen initiative (Cannabis, production and trade) was recommended to the nation for the refusal of the councils now. It results now therefore in a plebiscite.
From the Swiss parliament also gives a good information, the law for the medical use of drugs was accepted in march at last.
A referendum of right parties (SVP and EDU) was already announced.
All my love to you.

André Fürst
EEP Bellevue
Rue du Tronchet 6
2023 Gorgier/NE

André Fürst
Prison Centrale
Planche-Inférieure 12
1700 Fribourg/FR

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Ps: Please send me the photos of your actions to my mail address.

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News from André Fürst: The Limit of Law is Love
Dearest Andre and friends,

André’s strength of spiritual regard for Cannabis reveals the limit of law. A person who continues to establish the goodness of his work even though imprisoned, ought to be protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The incarceration of André Fürst in Switzerland has weighed heavily on my mind, throughout the spring and summer of 2008. It is with the unreasoning ignorance of a dinosaur’s pea-brained perspective that the so-called "drug war" tramples human rights and insults common sense. It seems too obvious to point out that the world’s oldest culture does not need permission to exist from the world’s youngest culture.

I trust André will be pleased to know that the purple plant I was gifted in 2002 continues to flourish, with genes perpetuated and shared far & wide. His fine and important work is amplified beyond time and measure even as he studies in prison. It is being appreciated as "women’s weed" because of its sensual, pleasurable and lighthearted, mild effect. It produces uch a rich and lovely flower, as can be seen in the short film I have dedicated to André’s release on YouTube.

I am enormously thankful to have returned home, to my family in Mount Shasta. It is also a great gift to be in front of a computer screen again. The past six months felt like a long, hard season in the woods until I read André’s message. Once again I am recharged and inspired by your courage and strength of spirit. Thank you, André, for being who you are wherever you are.

I am still working on a digital video documentary and writing, as time permits, to reverse the valuation of Cannabis. It’s 4:20 in the morning and I celebrate in smokey spirit, with André in mind.

Your writing in English certainly gets your message across. If I can help in any way with your studies, please write to me and I will do what I can.

Much love to you,


Answer to this message
visit web site : California Cannabis Ministry short films : http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=projectpeace&search_type=&search=Search
30 October 2008 by Paul J. von Hartmann