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The World turning into madness

In Switzerland, a man was sentenced to prison for making the air pure, for taking care of the land and for growing plants that provide him with almost everything one needs for living. André Fürst, the owner of the Swiss company Hemp-Info, whom I personally perceive as an important player within the people actively working on the restoration of hemp farming, was sentenced for production and trade of illegal substances by the District Court of Morat, that interpreted current Swiss legislative in a way contradictory to common sense.

The hemp is providing us with over 20 000 different products which can be used in almost all human activities. There is definitely a hidden potential in hemp farming able to ensure good living standards in rural areas, to restore ecological agriculture and which is playing an important role in sustainable land development. Hemp provides us with an opportunity to reestablish broken ties between mankind and nature - all this while using renewable technologies.

It is very sad that despite all the progress achieved in both technologies and knowledge in living and non-living areas of the scientific research, humanity has not yet fully understood the crucial importance of hemp farming. Our new knowledge on hemp gained through the use of modern and renewable technologies is still due to be consolidated with the ancient knowledge of our ancestors who were since ever using this plant.

While hemp activists are persecuted, current laws do not punish i.e. oil companies for being directly responsible for burning fossil fuels. These companies are not sanctioned despite the fact that, over the last dozens of years, their activities have produced such huge quantities of carbon oxide that the natural carbon cycle of the Earth got disrupted. Carbon oxide is a gas causing the greenhouse effect, which is the key contributor to the climate change reflected in various natural catastrophes.

Just try to compare the danger created by a hemp field with the risks from the accident of an oil tanker! I couldn’t see any humanly acceptable argument for the punishment of a man who is not devastating, not polluting or otherwise damaging the natural environment, but in the contrary is trying to solve environmental and social problems of our society with the help of growing and using a plant. Hemp played an important role throughout the human history, as it was part of all the great civilizations starting with Mesopotamia, ancient Greece and Rome, from China to Russia, from Egypt to Cape Horn, from Northern to Southern America. Still during the World War II it helped the USA to win the war, and today?

I do not agree with the sentence on André Fürst, the owner of the company Hemp-Info, to 29 months of unconditional prison and a fine of 150.000 francs (approx. 98.000 euro) punishing him for his long-term work on the development of agro-industrial ecological methods of use of the hemp plant.

You can support André’s fight against the Swiss judiciary sending a protest letter to Swiss authorities.

Hana Gabrielova, certified agricultural expert, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

  • Lettre de protestation contre la condamnation d'André Fürst écrite par un expert en agriculture de la République tchèque.
published Tuesday 13 September 2005 14:28